Gustav Mahler 

Composing hut

We are working on the opening of the Gustav Mahler Nature Sound Park

Opening  within 2023 

During the sommermonth between 1908-19010 Gustav Mahler composed some of his most famous works in this simple wooden cabin in the heart of the Dolomites: the 9th and 10th symphonies and the "Lied von der Erde".

“How can people forever think,” cried Mahler “that Nature lies on the surface! Of course it does, in its most superficial aspect. But those who, in the face of Nature, are not overwhelmed with awe at its infinite mystery, its divinity (we can only sense it, not comprehend or penetrate it) -- these people have not come close to it. […] And in every work of art, which should be a reflection of Nature, there must be a trace of this infinity.”

Recollections of Natalie Bauer-Lechner, July 1900
Gustav Mahler

Mahler Nature Sound Park

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39034 Toblach

Opening hours
At the moment it is closed.
Email us for any request. 
We can try to orgnize a visit if we know it in advance.
We are working on the realization of the project.

Composing hut Gustav Mahler Toblach

Gustav Mahler Komponierhaus Toblach

Composing hut Gustav Mahler Toblach

The mission of Mahler Naturklangpark  is to create a place where respect for nature and art can be combined.

1. Project for children with the Sci Club Toblach and the Orchestra for the Earth

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