In 1978, Alma Mahler recalled:
"....In May, in deep snow, we searched every house until we found the right one. A large farmhouse, outside of town, eleven rooms, two verandas, two bathrooms, a bit primitive, but in a wonderful location. The we immediately took it for the summer, came back, packed up and moved to Dobbiaco...."

The Trenkerhof was the main building where Gustav Mahler and his family stayed. There was probably a grand piano in the living room for Alma.

Letter to Alma Mahler (June 24, 1909)
“...But the house and the place is too delightful—except for the noise, which embarrasses me incessantly. The peasants either whisper so that the windows rattle or they tiptoe and the house shakes. The two lively heirs chirp all day long: Bibi! Bibi! (That's her Volapük and means: everything.) The dog lets me feel again that I am ‘a human among humans.’ The dog barks all day, from dawn until farmers start dreaming sweetly. I wake up every quarter of an hour being jealous about those who snore gently. The devil take it: how beautiful the world would be if you had fenced off two yokes and were alone in the middle..."

In 1957, a plaque for Gustav Mahler was installed at the Trenkerhof by the International Mahler Society Vienna.
Unfortunately, the interior of the Trenkerhof may no longer be visited today.